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Pink quartz and features

Pink quartz and features
First ever mentioned of the quartz which is pink was in the year of 1938 book, the quartz minerals, based on the discovery of pink crystals in the Maine. This did not become hugely known and famous, however, until this was founded in the year of 1939 in the Brazil. These time terms rose quartz and pink quartz are normally used interchangeably, even though there’re the mineralogists who really would argue they’re the two distinct varieties. And nevertheless, properties of the rose quartz and the pink quartz are approximately same, with the few little differences. In this article we will discuss about the features of the pink quarts.

These are mentioned below:
The differences

Unlike the rose quarts the pink quarts is the light sensitive and this will turn the pale when really exposed to the direct sunlight.

Color of the pink quartz comes from the different things than that of the rose quartz, traces of the phosphorus and aluminum in the pink quartz, the thallium and titanium in the rose quartz. And most importantly, perhaps, just the pink quartz grows the crystal formations.
The physical properties
As the member of a family of quartz, the pink has the seven hardness, the 2.65 especial gravity and really grows in the hexagonal configuration. This generally looks in the clusters of little crystals growing the parallel to the one another. This is considered the cloudy gemstone; the clarity is really not uncommon one of features utilized to decide quality of the different specimens. The original pink is very rare and this is really not polished, made, or engraved into the jewelry as well. This is more sold in the original form to the gemstone collection regularly.

The metaphysical properties
The pink quartz is really linked with fourth chakra. This chakra is center of energy and power of a body in the yoga, and this is really utilized to aid channel energy and power linked with the chakra, also famous as a heart chakra. It includes the qualities of the inner peace and unconditional love. This is really utilized to aid in the both receiving and giving of the love and in order to heal emotional injuries from the break of heart, loneliness, cruelty or really lack of the love. This color gives the soothing effect as being in family of quartz gives this the dynamic and intense power. This is linked with zodiac symptoms Libra and Taurus, element of the earth and a planet Venus.
The healing properties
The quartz which is pink is really said to have the healing advantages for heart, liver, kidneys, rib cage, thymus gland and the thoracic cavity. This is really considered to aid with the recovery and weight loss from the injury and to aid low pressure of blood. This is really utilized to improve complexion of skin, the rejuvenating cells of skin and really removing the wrinkles. The females may really use the quartz which is pink to increase the fertility or really prevent the miscarriage.


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