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Pick your style!

Pick your style! - A woman can never get enough of jewelry.
A woman can never get enough of jewelry. It is good to update your jewelry collection every once in a while. The newest jewelry trends are really exciting!
A lot of new materials and color combinations are being used. Do you like pastel colors, vintage look or natural look? Then these styles will do it for you!

Antique look:
This trend has been the most popular one of many designers. Just think of pearls, lace, beads and little charms. This style is for every romantic at heart.
Do you want to look like a rock star? Or do you want to spice up your outfit? This style is everything but never boring!
You can pimp up your basic outfit like simple jeans and shirt or a sexy black little dress. One thing is for sure, you will look amazing!
Neon colors:
You can’t feel sad wearing neon-colored jewelry, it will instantly bring you in the summer mood! It´s a good way to color up your outfit.

There are many options like earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. You can find them in different materials.

Pick your style!

Pick your style!
Rose gold:
Want something different than the standard colors silver or gold? Than rose gold is the answer for you. For those who want that feminine touch and want to look glamorous.  You can combine rose gold with any outfit and it will look good on any skin tone.
Metal link chains:
Do you like big metal chains? This trend is not only spotted in jewelry but also other accessories like handbags, shoes and wallets.
Bold cuffs:
Do you want a different look? Try the bold cuffs. They are simple but the metal and the colors do the rest.
Oversized watch:
Do you like to make a statement? Combine an oversized watch witch chain bracelets. This will create a chic but casual look.
Pick your style!
Spiked jewelry:
If you think of spiked jewelry the first thing you might think about is punk or grunge. But now this style is for everyone. Spikes are also used for a lot of other accessories.
Aren’t you afraid of snakes? You shouldn’t be with this newest trend. This style will give you the exotic Cleopatra look.
There are many kinds of snake jewelry you can choose from but a must have is a snake bracelet or a snake ring.
Ear cuffs:
The trend that definitely stands out the most are the ear cuffs. A lot of celebs have been spotted with this style. The ear cuffs are available in many styles.
Pick your style!


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