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Kara Jewellery: Bazaar Love Continues since three generations….

kara jewellery
Mr.Kevork Kara told us that after his grandfather and uncle the 3rd generation are in this jewellery business.
1. Please tell us more about your company ?
I’ve been in the industry for 25 years, in 2002 we opened our own workshop. We are profession on fine jewelry setting.
My grandfather, my uncle , my brother, and I ‘m doing this job as 3rd generation. We have spend many times in the Bazaar our market.

I’m doing my job with enthusiasm. My son is 10 years old, and after his education I were very pround to show my son our jewelry business.
2. Are you work domestic or overseas ?
Our business is a viable anywhere in the world . worldwide most products are manufactured in Turkey, in this bazaar.
We are working abroad with  Denmark and Romania, in domestic line more for İstanbul, Anatolia, Ankara and Samsun cities.
3. Please tell us about your product range ?
In general, diamond necklaces, earrings, rings, colored stones we are setting all kinds of jewelery.
kara jewellery
4 What are your plans for your company going forward ? Why do you preferring in the industry ?
In the future we want to produce our own jewelry collections. I think sales , merchandising are also our goals in the future.
I’am working with the last technology, since four years fine jewelry are setting with microscope .

Microscope products were more vulnerable and naive. By using smaller and finer stones our jewelery are more elegant and brillant.
Our goal is 100 % customer satisfaction and therefore we are trying to improve ourselves every day .
Our diligence , our skills in this sector has enabled by trust and satisfaction.
kara jewellery


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