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Crisscut Diamonds: A Cut Above

Crisscut Diamonds: A Cut Above
Crisscut Diamonds: A Cut Above
Crisscut Diamonds: A Cut Above
Diamonds are precious gems which are most coveted by women. They have been around for centuries and up to these days, they continue to increase their value. The glittering and magnificent brilliance is definitely eye-catching. Whether you use the diamond as part of the earring, ring, necklace or bracelet, the same elegance comes out.

Diamonds are graded based on four factors – color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Each factor will affect the price of the gem. But of all the four, the cut is probably the most challenging. This is because even the most expensive diamond will lose its radiance when improperly cut. The process brings out the life of the gem. Thus, jewelers compete in terms of this factor.
In order to increase the profit margin and stand out from the crowd, diamond cut should be well differentiated. It is the only way to eliminate the competition in the market. When you produce a unique product, you have no competitors. Yours is truly one of a kind. This is the idea of the Crisscut diamond, a patented design for the gem.

Crisscut Diamonds: A Cut Above

Christopher Slowinski, the founder of the world renowned Christopher Designs Inc., provides the exceptionally cut diamonds. The New York based designer offers a gem with unequalled fire and brilliance by creating crisscrossed facets. The 77 facets come in either rectangular or octagonal shape. Each facet is specially designed to increase the bold and beautiful shine. The company holds the patent rights for the design and it serves as their registered trademark.

The Crisscut diamond comes in different styles. Jewel enthusiasts can choose from the emerald, cushion, Asscher and round style. Each of them is carefully crafted to bring out the maximum play of colors and light dispersion. Rectangular criss cuts range from 0.05 to 3 carats and they are mostly used for making jewelries while octagonal shapes are purchased as solitaires. All of them has remarkableuniqueness and owning one piece is definitely a treasure to keep.
Crisscut diamonds have been in the market for more than a decade. They are more common to the bridal category jewelries as they symbolize long lasting marriage and everlasting love. The company also offers a wide array of fashion jewelries. The superb design are very much vogue these days. The registered patent is enough to say that the product is of highest quality. In fact, it is considered in the top 10 highly loved gems to today.
The Crisscut diamond is most ideal for those who love more sparkle. The cut adds appeal to your overall personality. However, you must strongly consider your budget when shopping for the gemstone. This may require a bigger amount especially when paired with precious metals like gold and platinum. Define how much price are you willing to spend for the piece. This way, you can easily discuss your options with your jeweler.
If you are still thinking of a gift for a special occasion, the criss cut diamond is a smart choice. Women adore them and they will be blinded with its elegance.

Crisscut Diamonds: A Cut Above


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