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Ameithyst stone and features

The Amethyst is the member of group of quartz and these can occur in the several of shades and colors, as stated earlier this is a deep stone of purple color which is most usually utilized in the jewelry from the rings to the bracelets, earnings and the necklaces. The purple is the regal color that explains why that stone is referred as well to as stone of the bishops. The Amethyst is usually discovered in the Brazil even though there’re the several of mines in the Zambia, Sri Lanka, and India and in the Canada. Name amethyst is really got from a word of Greek amethystos that means not drunk, this is sometimes believed to be the powerful antidote against the drunkenness and the historically wine were carved from the several of different gemstones.
This made famous by the deep color and comparatively affordability, this is the ideal stone to really be utilized in the designs of the jewelry. Wide tonal vary from the dark to the light purple and availability of the huge range of the sizes and shapes which lend themselves to the creative designs and cuts are strong reasons to utilize that stone in the attractive designs of the jewelry and are why this is very famous choice. Sometimes a stone will really be set in the designs as the round brilliant design or cut and it really does increase deep purple colors of the stunning and elegant gemstone.
The gemstones are really measured on a scale that measures the hardness of stones on the scale of one to the ten. The diamonds are toughest at the ten however the amethyst is really not far under measuring the seven, comparatively hard. This scale really takes in to the account scratch ability of stone and comparatively tough stone is ideal for the use in approximately all the jewelry kinds.
Whilst an amethyst is the comparatively hardwearing stone is this suggested, as with the jewelry, which product is really removed when performing any tough work to secure a stone from the damage? We will suggest that product is really removed with the cleaning or really coming in a contact with the items such as the perfume. In order to keeps the jewelry looking its great this can really be cleaned utilizing warm and hot soapy water and the soft tooth brush.
According to the old legends, the amethyst secures against the alcoholism and really dispels fumes of the wine against temptations, excess of the emotion and passion, and drugs as well. This brings the happiness and good luck, specifically to the dedicated and unselfish persons, provides the generosity and wisdom, compassion, deliberate courage, and really inspires the hope, promotes the meditation, eases the strain of mind, stress, fatigue, carries recognition to a world of art, stimulates the inspiration, strengthens vision and social situation. This stone pays attention to the cosmic energy and power so far really unknown for several of persons. This has the positive effect on the fragile and weak aura of human, doesn’t evolve vice.

Thomas Prescher Involved in Sensational Archaeological Project?

Thomas Prescher Involved in Sensational Archaeological Project?
Thomas Prescher Involved in Sensational Archaeological Project?
Nemo Captain – Second Watch of the Nemo Series is Completed
The diver fought against the strong current. Each time he removed another piece of mud it cost him immense energy…Again and again he rubbed away more dirt. This extremely difficult work must succeed. “Nau…”, one more piece of dirt falls away. “Nautilus”…appeared as the team succeeded. Finally, they discovered Captain Nemo’s submarine, and inside they found several plans of mechanical machines, which were later discovered to be plans of the different crew members’ watches

Thomas Prescher’s Nemo series is inspired by Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and different steampunk and art nouveau influences. To create the second watch of the Nemo series, Thomas Prescher used his Triple Axis Tourbillon watch movement as a base and implemented a new jumping hour indication. The Hours are shown in a framed window.
As with most of his dream watches, the final design of The Nemo Captain was born in close cooperation with a proud new owner to make sure that the result corresponds to exactly what his wish was.
Nemo Series Design:
For the Nemo series important design elements include the porthole look of the front bezels and the back. Nameplates and index rings are inspired by old steam engines and steampunk design. For the Nemo Sailor model, saltwater-resistant bronze was chosen; it has the right look and it ages with time to a wonderful patina. When softly repolished, it gains the charming look of ancient things. Together with stainless Staybright steel a fabulous contrast is created.

For the appliqués on the dial and the case, a soft copper found its way into the design. Copper’s warm, red color, together with the traditional font of the letters, round out the design to perfection.
Nemo Captain Design:
For the Nemo Captain non-oxidizing materials were chosen. The lugs, front and back bezels of this flagship watch are made from red gold and the middle part from palladium. Not having a dial in a classic sense, red gold was chosen for the appliqués of the Captain: a fabulous combination underscoring a maritime 19th century look.The balance between free space on the “dial” and many little details gives the eye time and peace to recover before starting again to discover the high-end craftsmanship in the finish and the contrast between brushed surfaces and polished chamfers.To accentuate the mesmerizing motion of the Triple Axis Tourbillon, a second small port allows a view of this kinetic sculpture where a sapphire crystal dome catches the eye. Time becomes secondary when observing this motion: a tourbillon on three axes at the same time practically exhausts the imagination of human brain, bringing it to its limit.The case measures 44 mm in diameter and 12 mm in height, while the sapphire crystal dome tops the case by about 4 mm to have a total height of around 16 mm. A really breathtaking detail is the crown, which is inspired by the form of historic valves.
As usual Thomas Prescher uses hand-cut and hand-sewn straps made from crocodile leather on both sides.
Thomas Prescher makes handmade watches to the very highest standards; their finish is among the best available. So is his service: he offers modifications to client’s wishes for all his models and many existing customers revel in the fact that even their most lavish dreams and wishes can be fulfilled.

Diamond should not be considered only for solitaire rings

diamond solitaire rings
diamond solitaire rings
The solitaire diamond ring is really featuring the one stone set in the metal band. And in the condition of the rings of engagement, stone is sometimes, however not really always the diamond. In this article we will discuss about the solitaire rings and why the diamonds should not be considered just for the solitaire rings.
The history
Maximilian of Austria really gave first ever diamond ring of engagement to Mary of the Burgundy in the year of 1477. A setting of tiffany solitaire was really introduced by famed and renowned jeweler in the year of 1886. In current era, several of the females still really love to display the diamonds in the simple and elegant setting of white gold.
The solitaire diamond ring really features the one gem stone set with approximately four to the six prongs on the band of the precious metal. A stone of solitaire can really be round, oval, asscher, heart, pear, princess, radiant, marquise, cushion or emerald cut in approximately any size of the carat.
The considerations
The appropriate size and cut of the ring of solitaire relies on many things, comprising shape and size of the hands, the lifestyle and the personal taste. And if you really lead the extremely active style of life, the small ring of solitaire in the cut with the rounded corners will really be practical and pretty.
The warning
Even though the diamonds are toughest natural material on the earth, this is really very common to crack the corner of the snag the prong or solitaire, loosening a setting. You should have the ring examined by the trusted and well known jeweler two times in the year.
The misconceptions
The ring of diamond solitaire is really not just option when really finding for that ideal jewelry piece. Rubies, emeralds, sapphire, tanzanites and approximately all the other semiprecious and precious stones can really be discovered set as the rings of solitaire.
The fun fact
The modern and advance brilliant and best cut ring of solitaire features between the fifty six to the fifty eight facets, and maximizing amount of the light and so that is why sparkle, shining all through the ring.
Most of the persons just consider the diamonds only for the solitaire rings; however you can also get the great and beautiful diamond earrings and the other accessories. These look also very attractive and beautiful.
This has really become very fashionable act to wear the stone jewelry. The jewelry can really be made of the premium metals such as the titanium and sterling gold. However this is embedded diamond that provides jewelry the attractiveness and beauty. The fine jewelry really made of the diamond stones and the yellow metal really is high coveted by the girls and the women alike.
The modern jewelry pieces come in several of the types and shapes. The necklace of diamond just makes the female shine amongst the gathering. And sparkling the earrings just make the others swoon, rings, brooches and bracelets are other normally utilized pieces of the diamond jewelry.

Diamond shouldn’t be thought of just for solitaire rings

diamond rings
diamond rings
The solitaire diamond ring is absolutely that includes the one stone set within the steel band. And within the situation of the rings of engagement, stone is typically, nevertheless not likely all the time the diamond. On this article we are going to focus on concerning the solitaire rings and why the diamonds shouldn’t be thought of only for the solitaire rings.

The historical past
Maximilian of Austria actually gave first ever diamond ring of engagement to Mary of the Burgundy within the yr of 1477. A setting of tiffany solitaire was actually launched by famed and famend jeweler within the yr of 1886. In present period, a number of of the females nonetheless actually like to show the diamonds within the easy and stylish setting of white gold.

The solitaire diamond ring actually options the one gem stone set with roughly 4 to the six prongs on the band of the dear steel. A stone of solitaire can actually be spherical, oval, asscher, coronary heart, pear, princess, radiant, marquise, cushion or emerald reduce in roughly any dimension of the carat.
The concerns
The suitable dimension and reduce of the ring of solitaire depends on many issues, comprising form and dimension of the palms, the approach to life and the private style. And in case you actually lead the extraordinarily energetic type of life, the small ring of solitaire within the reduce with the rounded corners will actually be sensible and fairly.
The warning
Although the diamonds are hardest pure materials on the earth, that is actually quite common to crack the nook of the snag the prong or solitaire, loosening a setting. It is best to have the ring examined by the trusted and well-known jeweler two occasions within the yr.
The misconceptions
The ring of diamond solitaire is absolutely not simply choice when actually discovering for that very best jewellery piece. Rubies, emeralds, sapphire, tanzanites and roughly all the opposite semiprecious and valuable stones can actually be found set because the rings of solitaire.
The enjoyable reality
The trendy and advance sensible and greatest reduce ring of solitaire options between the fifty six to the fifty eight sides, and maximizing quantity of the sunshine and so that’s the reason sparkle, shining all by way of the ring.
Many of the individuals simply take into account the diamonds just for the solitaire rings; nevertheless you can too get the nice and delightful diamond earrings and the opposite equipment. These look additionally very engaging and delightful.
This has actually grow to be very modern act to put on the stone jewellery. The jewellery can actually be manufactured from the premium metals such because the titanium and sterling gold. Nonetheless that is embedded diamond that gives jewellery the attractiveness and wonder. The wonderful jewellery actually manufactured from the diamond stones and the yellow steel actually is excessive coveted by the ladies and the ladies alike.
The trendy jewellery items are available a number of of the kinds and shapes. The necklace of diamond simply makes the feminine shine amongst the gathering. And glowing the earrings simply make the others swoon, rings, brooches and bracelets are different usually utilized items of the diamond jewellery.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Lady The feminine mystique

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Lady The feminine mystique watch
Girard-Perregaux 1966 Lady The feminine mystique
Graceful. Delicate. A watch lover’s watch. The new Girard-Perregaux 1966 Lady proves that mechanical time knows how to dress up and catch the eye. Driven by a manufacture mechanical movement, the watch’s refined finish casts a special glow on the passing hours. Let the game of seduction begin.

Who will take the lead? The aesthetic, refined to the last detail of the watch? Or the technology, glimpsed through the sapphire glass of the case back? The mystery remains shrouded in the perfect alchemy of the two. The new Girard-Perregaux 1966 Lady embodies the calling of traditional watchmaking: to give time a face and a heart that beats in time.
Its pink gold cladding is picked out with a border of diamonds extending to the lugs. Within its 30 mm diameter the slender aspect of the case is enhanced by the alternating satin and polished finish. With a delicate guilloche decoration, the dial is lit by an hour chapter of brilliant cut diamonds and Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock. The foliate hands sweep this picture with their unchanging regularity.

Visible through the sapphire back, the caliber GP03200, the handiwork of the Manufacture’s watchmakers, boasts an oscillating mass in pink gold engraved with the Girard-Perregaux logo. It turns to reveal a main plate and bridges meticulously drawn, beveled and decorated with Côtes de Genève.
Timeless, the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Lady watch feels just as right for daily wear as it does for special occasions. Exacting, it combines the beauty of finish with a heart manufactured in the finest watchmaking tradition. Like today’s woman, it knows how to match flair with demeanor.
Case in pink or white gold
Bezel: set with 80 diamonds, ~0.73 ct
Diameter: 30 mm
Glass: anti-glare sapphire
Back: sapphire glass
Water resistance: 30 meters
Movement Girard-Perregaux GP03200-0005
Self-winding mechanical
Caliber: 10 ½’’’
Frequency: 28,800 Vib/h-(4 Hz)
Power reserve: 42 hours minimum.
Jeweling: 26 jewels
Functions: hour, minute
White calfskin band
Reference: 49528D52B171-IK7A
Pink gold pin buckle
Black calfskin band
Reference: 49528D53B171-IK6A
White gold pin buckle

Tricks to get engagement ring for your sweetheart

Tricks to get engagement ring for your sweetheart
Storks Jewelry Wedding Ring
The engagement rings for the females come in the silver, gold, and the other valuable metals, and wedding band will normally include the 1/5-5 carats diamonds. Selecting the accurate one involves understanding personality, preferences and size of a person you’re buying this for. Purchasing the wedding band for the loved one can really be lots of work, specifically if she isn’t there to aid with details, however with the little foreknowledge, someone must be capable to perform just fine. In this article you will find the some great tips to aid you with the buying.  These are mentioned below.

Selecting the appropriate size of ring
First of all, this is necessary that you buy accurate size of ring. The bands of wedding for females are sized utilizing similar technique as the rings of men, however it would not aid if you do not have the information about her size. And you can ask her about the size she wears, that can really make her doubtful, or check the ring which she previously has, to look if this has size listed, and take the ring your loved one has to the jeweler for the sizing. Another, the less slight, technique is to evaluate her finger and after this compare this to the chart. And if would like to give details why, only inform her you are purchasing her gloves.
Possible allergies and materials of wedding band
Some females are really allergic to few metals in normally utilized to make the rings of wedding. Normally it is due to of the nickel allergy that is present in approximately one out of the five females. In order to discover if she’s allergic to the nickel metal, you can ask regarding allergies or check the earrings of your loved one. If she really has the earrings of steel, she’s possibly allergic to the nickel. There’re several bands of wedding for females who are manufactured from the hypo allergenic or non allergic things like the platinum, tungsten, ceramic, platinum, etc.

Matching the colors to skin tone of your loved one
Several of females love to match the colors to the skin. The great thing is to take the look at the jewelry of her. If this is silver, you must possibly select the ring of silver, or this is gold, select the gold one. The rings of wedding for females in the variety of the colors, then you must effortlessly be capable to select something which matches the tone of skin.
The unique one versus the traditional ring
Rings of females include approximately everything from the antique style or retro band of wedding to very modern or stylish. You must have the information about her likes and dislikes before selecting the one. The traditional engagement rings for the females include approximately everything from the simple bands of gold to the diamond, encrusted the white gold, however will normally feature the some decoration and the some stones.



25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition

25th WATCHES JEWELS exhibition Please find enclosed the next newsletter related to this year’s jubilee 25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition, which will be held from...