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Retro Fashion : Accessories that make just as much of an impact


This season, retro accessories are making an impact. They’re a perfect addition to any kind of outfit. Fashion trends are cyclical and we see pretty often how long-forgotten tendencies come back at some point. Retro accessories can make a difference and add class to an average outfit. Be inspired and allow the newly revamped retro trend to make an impression on your current sense of style. Here are some further guidelines to help you make the best choices.


Retro-inspired jewelries are making a comeback

Old-fashioned jewelry sets with a modern twist add a sublime touch to your current fashion style, whether they’re made of precious metals like gold and platinum, or more affordable options like metal and silver. What really matters the most is for you to find jewelry that fits your personality and fashion sense. Retro jewelry have inestimable value, and are usually handmade; they’re attentively crafted and their allure and overall appeal last for years. Rings with oversized gems, statement necklaces with layers and unusual shapes, bulky bracelets and cluster earrings will take the stage this 2016.

Polka dots accessories

Dots, dots, dots! This season is all about accessories and jewelry with polka dots to emphasize the retro fashion trend. This cheerful design comes with a lot of color this 2016. However you might want to keep your choice of clothes as simple as possible in order for the retro-inspired jewelry to balance the outfit you’re wearing. Whether you want to make an impression with a stunning necklace, or use other accessories to give you a boost of confidence, there’s no doubt that polka dots will do the trick. Wear colorfully dotted headbands, umbrellas, bags, gloves, and hats and feel beautiful and confident in your retro-modern outfit.
Brass necklaces 
Chic jewelry is a great way of personalizing your outfit. Brass in particular, is once again in trend this season. The materials looks more like “dirty gold” but it’s extremely affordable and chic. It will give a twist to your retro-inspired look by making it more modern and appealing. Brass jewelry is a great alternative to gold or platinum; it has a luxurious, industrial-like appeal that’s pretty bold and impressive. Brass bracelets, earrings or necklaces can perfectly compliment a retro or vintage-inspired outfit. Wear them with ripped jeans and a t-shirt, or make an impression with a classic little black dress.

Polka dots accessories

Bold rings

Also known as statement rings, this trend has been around for a couple of years now. Women like to wear big, bulky rings to emphasize their sense of style and bring all the attention to their delicate hands. Go for bright colors and glitzy metals, and pair your hand accessories with a playful outfit. Bold rings are an ideal choice for women who like to wear black; it’s a perfect chance to make a casual all-black outfit stand out and appear more vivid.


Signet rings are taking the spotlight this season. They’re no longer aimed at men, and they feature extra additions to the classic design, such as gems and other precious stone instead of crests and engravings. The signet can have an impact on your style; it is a type of ring that screams lavishness and opulence. Decide on the most inspirational model, and widen your fashion sense.


Monochromatic fashion accessories

Pearls are often associated with the vintage-inspired trend. However, they’re also an important part of the retro style. Pearls are timeless jewelry that should be included into your jewelry box for this season. Layered necklaces with differently colored pearls are the new thing of the season. The more the merrier, although make sure when pairing them. Simple, linear outfits with no other accessories are the best. Given the volume of this sort of necklace, you want preserve some sort of balance and not overdo your style.

statement rings

Retro-inspired accessories can have the biggest impact. They’re bold, colorful, and impressively-looking. Perfect for women wearing casual clothes, as well as for women wearing elegant outfits, retro jewelry sets are a must have for 2016. Give a twist to your current sense of style and make it stand out. Be bold with gold or emphasize your urban-like preferences with brass and let this year swipe you off your feet with the coolest, most stunning accessories.


By Alfred Stallion and MyFamilySilver.com!


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