Please find enclosed the next newsletter related to the jubilee 25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition, which will be held from 29th September – 1st October 2016 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague – Holešovice; the focus area of the exhibition includes watches, clocks, jewels, authorial jewels, fashion jewellery, minerals, packaging materials, investment gold, investment diamonds, security equipment etc.

25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition 2

– for the first time this year, we have established a cooperation with the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, under which auspices the exhibition takes place; the Association has prepared presentations scheduled for Friday, the 30 September 2016, the topics of which will be as follows:

„Year of Crafts 2016“ project
Basic information about the project, the aim of which is, in partnership with the Komerční banka bank, to systematically promote craft guilds and associations as well as specific craft pieces; in 2016, the project additionally presents crafts on dozens of occasions as a key tool that makes it possible to keep the service offer in the regions and, at the same time, as an interesting potential career for young generation
“Family Business” project
Basic information about family run businesses – permanent promotion and presentation of stories about family run businesses in the media, establishment of efficient support to such businesses when it comes to succession, promotion of efficient financing systems of family run businesses, help with family property management, summarization of credible statistical data based on the number, performance and economic influence of family run businesses in the Czech Republic.
–  the manufacturers of costume jewellery associated in the Union of Glass and Costume Jewellery Manufacturers will again, in cooperation with regional fashion designers, introduce diverse fascinating fashion models accessorized with unique pieces of costume jewellery or jewellery during fashion shows with the title „MADE IN JABLONEC 2016“:
25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition 3
the fashion shows will take place every day during the entire exhibition
this year, the authors of the fashion models and costume jewellery pieces were inspired by the cycles of nature and thus the show is subtitled “4 Seasons “ –  the inspiration for the designers of the fashion creations as well as the challenge for the costume jewellery crafters were the spring pastel colours optimism, summer days full of sun, autumn colourful magic or glittering ice beauty
there will be fifty original models on show designed by fifteen fashion designers
the costume jewellery accessories and creations were designed by nineteen regional manufacturers of costume jewellery and four professional schools of applied arts
–  each fashion show will be followed by a lecture on „How To Not Buy Diamonds“ by Ing. Ladislav Klaboch, the translator of the second revised and supplemented Czech edition of the book “DIAMONDS – A Diamond Grading Handbook”; he will acquaint visitors with basic properties of diamonds and also give advice on why you should (not) buy them
– information about the fair will be published not only in Czech, but also international magazines and catalogues – e.g. in Hodinky&Šperky (Watches&Jewels), HODINKY Plus (Watches PLUS), DÁMA magazine, Watchmagazine, Klenotník Hodinář (Jeweller Watchmaker), Šperkař (Jeweller), Menhouse, Tvoje svatba (Your Wedding), gentleMAN, Sklář a keramik (Glass Blower And Pottery Maker), Creative Šperk (Creative Jewel), TRADE News (magazine of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic), Baltic Jewellery News, Amber Trip catalogue, Global Timepieces & Jewelry, Global Jewelry Special, Global Diamond & Pearl, Style Watch, JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show winter show guide, Jeweller Expo Ukraine, Vicenza Jewellery Magazine Winter, Vicenza Jewellery Magazine Spring, Vicenza Jewellery Magazine Summer, catalogue Jubinale 2016, …
25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition 4
– the Czech Assay Office will provide hallmark and authenticity checks of jewellery brought by the visitors using both traditional methods (examining under a magnifying glass, testing against a testing stone) and most up to date checking methods such as testing with help of a MIDEX Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer; this service will be offered at the stand of the Czech Assay Office while you wait for free during the entire exhibition); furthermore, they will provide information about the recognition of foreign hallmarks and give advice on how customers can protect themselves when buying jewellery  both professional as well as general public will have the chance to buy information bulletins published by the Czech Assay Office at advanced prices (e.g. Development of the Czech Hallmarking System, Tariff of Charges, Recognition of Foreign Hallmarks in the Czech Republic, Summary of all valid Legal Regulations Related to Hallmarking or a List of all Valid Czech Hallmarks inclusive the Historical Ones)


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