Sterling Silver Care Top Do’s and Don’ts

When we think of jewelry, the proper selection for purchase is not the only aspect we should consider to make sure that we have the best items to wear. Proper sterling silver care is also very important to keep in mind. A nice jewelry item will not offer you the emphasis you need if it is not properly taken care of on a regular basis.

Moreover, there might not be anything worse than wearing something expensive that comes with signs of improper care. It will make you look bad and ruin your overall look that you have tried so hard to establish.

Let’s discover together some of the most important sterling silver care do’s and don’ts to make sure you make a nice appearance every time, wherever we go.

Make No Compromise on Quality

No matter what you choose to buy, it is very important to focus on quality primarily. It is always a good choice to buy less than more if we must compromise on quality for the second choice. As far as silver jewelry is concerned, the first step of proper care is to choose high-quality sterling silver and not go for silver-plated elements that will not offer you what you want to achieve.

Sterling Silver Care Top Do's and Don’ts

Proper Storing Is Important

Now that you have made your good choice of jewelry items to have in your possession make sure you always store them properly. This means that your new accessories should be kept in an anti-tarnish type of box, wrapped in good, soft cloths. This will help you avoid scratching and tarnishing accidents. You do not want your expensive new items to get ruined for sure. 

Gentle Polish Is the Key

Constant maintenance of your sterling silver jewelry is recommended but this does not mean that you have to apply rough treatments on them every day. Rather go for gentle polishes from time to time when it might be necessary. Your focus after all is to be able to wear these accessories for a long time and not polish them until they no longer become appropriate to be used.

Wear Your New Items Only when Necessary

You may have purchased a new piece of silver jewelry for yourself that you simply love but this does not mean that you have to wear it all the time. It is better to remove it while being at home and doing your usual chores to avoid any accidents that might ruin your new favorite accessory. 

Pay Attention to the Location Chosen for Storage

Buying a nice piece of silver jewelry will be in vain if you do not learn to pay attention to the necessary storage details. A do notdo kind of thing is to store it with wood, newspapers or rubber that might cause tarnishing. Just find a good place for it and keep it apart from other items you have in your possession. This will ensure that your new jewelry gift will always be ready to be worn on a special occasion and make you look amazing. 

 Proper Cleaning Does Not Mean Harsh Scrubbing

Your silver jewelry does not need that kind of scrub that takes the polish out of it. It is better to take it to a place where professionals will know how to clean it well but gently. You might ruin it at home and this would be a shame given the costs that were involved in its purchase.

Sterling Silver Care Top Do's and Don’ts

No Standards Wax for Silver Coating

One of the things that you must never do in terms of sterling silver care is wax to coat it using standard products. What can be used for this intended purpose is micro-crystalline wax or a well-chosen clear lacquer. However, once again this is recommended to be done by professionals who have the right products and skills to ensure good end-results.

All in all, the most important do things to remember in terms of sterling silver care is to purchase high-quality items and just store them well apart from anything that might damage it. After all, your usual jewelry is not naval or military silver so there is no need to rub its polish off for proper maintenance or try to coat it using undesirable products.


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