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MONETA international famous jewelry designer MARIKA new preview


From Belgian Antwerp diamond famous color drill brand MONETA, in the whole nation department store industry leaders Beijing xinguang department staged a fashion jewelryfeast.

MONETA and signing international famous jewelry designer – has “flower” the laudatory name of MARIKA for the guests and media friends presented a bright and dazzling jewelry display. As a famous international jewelry designer, MARIKA in the field not only shows the latest design work, and for the first time and media Shared the MONETA “natural language of flowers” series of creative inspiration, and the other guests present deeply MARIKA appreciate the natural material unique and exquisite interpretation.

From Belgium, the diamond Belgium’s MONETA that it is the few main collection level color diamond and high quality white diamond jewelry brand, she had to create 76 disc surface, 4 surface equilateral, 100 points symmetry edges and charm princess, because shine, and luxury, and personality, costly and come into people’s life, she also created a gentle as water, low voice makes woman flowers, these piercing bright color drill, in interpretation and elegant luxury senior beaded jewelry culture at the same time, and show the one hundred of the inheritance of craftsmanship, no matter when and where, was enough to make see them alike. Because of this, MARIKA MONETA the launch of the “natural language of flowers” series, color diamond elegant design and MONETA fine processing technology, showing every diamond unique beauty, create worth a collection of rare treasures.


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