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newsletter related to the autumn exhibition WATCHES AND JEWELS

Please allow us to send you the next newsletter related to the autumn exhibition WATCHES AND JEWELS, which will be held from 2nd – 4th October 2014; the focus area of the exhibition includes watches, clocks, jewellery, authorial jewellery, fashion jewellery, minerals, packaging materials, investment gold, investment diamonds, etc.:
– we have published the list of companies which will be exhibiting at this year´s event. incl. stand numbers
– Osmany Laffita jewellery will be presented in premiere at the exhibition
– Ludek Seryn, a watchmaker from Mohelnice, has prepared a presentation on the theme of “Watchmaking”
– in the new section called Jewell STARs, author jewellers Hana Šebková, Zuzana Melvys Melckenveeck, MgA. Katerina Reichová, Lucie Durdíková, Šárka Rooya – Chantilly, Štepánka Benová, MgA. Lenka S. Malíská, Jan Surynek and Eva Javorská will present stainless steel jewellery, porcelain jewellery, glass pearl beads, but also jewellery made of glass
– in Czech premiere, the company AVIKO TIME will present the Swiss watch brand ALBERT RIELE (unique design, respectable appearance, modern elegance)
– another piece on show in Czech premiere will be the Amora gem – this is an utterly unique gem and the very first laboratory gem ever, which has rivalled a diamond in almost all parameters (brilliance, fire, shine, toughness etc.); the world premiere took place in June 2013, the European premiere in June 2014 at the fair Jubinale (Krakow, Poland)
– the company Advantage-fl.cz, Paradise for Goldsmiths, has prepared a novelty for this year: they will be presenting a technology of ceramic and abrasive fibres which are ideal for final polishing of jewellery (these fibres are an excellent helper when polishing those parts of jewellery, which are not well accessible; another advantage of these fibres are high quality and long life)
– our traditional exhibitor and holder of many awards such as Grand Prix from Montreal, Brussels or Osaka, holder of the title Family Treasure and a long-time supplier of the „Czech Nightingale“ musical award – the company Granát Turnov, an arts production cooperative, has prepared a presentation with the title „Bohemian Jubilee Garnet “. The presentation about the history of garnet mining and production in this cooperative will be held by Mr. RNDr. Ivan Turnovec, a promoter and advocate of the original Bohemian garnet
– the RingCube, being the latest innovation on the market which offers a new engraving solution, will be, besides other products, presented as part of the exposition of the company Gravo Tech s.r.o., the roots of which go back to 1993, and which has been an exclusive representative of the manufacturer of engraving machines Gravograph (this company was established more than 60 years ago in France and belongs to top manufacturers in the branch)
– the Goldsmith’s Centre for Practical Education SOLUNKA, which offers education for goldsmiths and jewellers and belongs to traditional exhibitors at the fair WATCHES & JEWELS, has prepared a unique exhibition od students´ final works; the exhibition was put together on the occasion of 20 years of SOLUNKA on the Czech market; furthermore, SOLUNKA will, just like in the past year, organize a fashion show together with a presentation of some imaginative and hand-made jewellery sets from the collection of students´ final works; SOLUNKA will also present various handicraft techniques of goldsmithery used until today;
– the magazine HODINY & ŠPERKY (WATCHES & JEWELS) – a specialized printed magazine about watches and watch manufacturing – will be present at this specialized exhibition also in this year; you will have the chance to see the latest issue of the magazine in their stand as well as to collect missing issues of the magazine from the last years. It will also be possible to buy a 2-year subscription and immediately choose and get watches in the value of CZK 1617 as a PRESENT; each issue of this magazine offers their readers the possibility to orientate themselves well in the supply of watches and to choose the best watch according to their choice. This is to a significant extent thanks to comparative testing made by the editors, the results of which are often decisive for the customers; neither this time a similar testing was left out; besides the testing, you will find e.g. articles about the history and development of English watch brands in various countries, about the history and development of calibration, or original reportages from manufactories etc.
– the Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers will organize workshops incl. a creative one, they will show the production process of glass pearl beads with help of a burner, as well as the assembly of manufactured fashion jewellery; additionally, the visitors will get the chance to manufacture their own piece of jewellery with assistance of a designer at cost price, i.e. at a much lower price than they would have to pay for the jewellery in a shop; of course, the price will depend on the type of used pearl beads – a piece of jewellery made of standard material can cost even only CZK 30, but handcrafted glass pearl beads are very expensive as such and their price logically influences the price of the finished piece of jewellery – however, it will still be only a fraction of a normal retail price
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