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The most special form of diamond is in Janna Diamond

What if indispensable accessory  of women and diamond are combined…
If you want a designer bag  and if you want your bag to make a difference  JannaDiamond’s bag collection is just  for you…
Leading brand of sparkling, colourful and personal designs  Janna Diamond for the first time in Turkey combined jewelry with snakeskin in the same collection. The close follower of the world trends Janna Diamond highlights the harmony of ladies’ indispensible bags and fascinating jewels and achieve a magnificent collection.
Janna Diamond whose snake skin bags are recently  very well known amongst its jewelry line, gives a permanent direction to thejewelry fashion with its very special jewelry line that are highly admired amongs women, now as a first time event, it dazzels us with its new designer bag line.
Compatible with its colours and semiprecious stones the breathtaking designer bags  presents opportunities to accompany  women  with their elegancy, both for the day and the night.
Janna Diamond which is the first choice of the ladies who want to be different and chic offers very special alternatives to feel the glove of the new year on you.


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