• Name of Elegance ; JOUELSILVER

    The owner and founder of Jouel, Emin Hosgor, combines inspiration and his experiences he went through in the United States for 8 years to produce his unique designs. When we are designing a piece of jewelry, our inspiration source is the Great Anatolian Civilizations well known for jewelry making for many centuries. 
    Being at the Grand Bazaar, the melting pot of those great civilizations, motivates us to create our new models. What makes Jouel distinguished is its handmade pieces with fascinating gemstones. 
    The designs are manufactured according to the shape of the gemstone. This is unusual because in this industry, the stone is generally cut and adjusted to the model. 
    Emin Hosgor outsources setters, model makers, stone cutters,and handmade artisans to reach the design's best quality and high aesthetic. Jouel is always prepared with a full collection for customers around the globe.


  • Kabana

    The secret behind Kabana’s ever-growing success stems from the union of two essential factors. The first one is Kabana’s design, outstanding, innovative,contemporary and delightfully feminine. The second factor is its perfect, tried-and-tested, renowned craftsmanship, ultimately resulting in Kabana’s legendary quality and comfort.
    Such is Kabana, who remained faithful to these highly demanding standards of excellence, ever since 1975 when Stavros Eleftheriou founded the company. At Kabana, countless attentions go into the smallest crafting details. Wearing a piece of Kabana jewelry is a whole experience, made both of visual pleasure and of comfort. 

  • Zenith Watches The Experience: Your watch will be eternally grateful to you !

    At last something new devoted to watchmaking in the realm of iPad and Android apps! With Zenith Watches – The Experience, the Swiss watchmaking manufacture ventures into hitherto unexplored territory. A glimpse of what can happen when the fun side of things is placed at the service of the client experience. To be downloaded as fast as possible.
    You dream of being the centre of attention by explaining a tourbillon or a fusée-chain mechanism in a few simple words? You’d love to understand why a mechanical watch has to be undergo period maintenance? And you don’t dare ask what it will cost? You prefer intuitive touch technology instruction manuals to thick, illegible printed documents? You have never understood how to adjust the Worldtimer function of your timepiece? You have no idea that you are strongly advised NOT to operate the pushpieces of your chronograph when the latter is underwater? If you have answered any one of these questions in the affirmative, the Manufacture Zenith has exactly the app for you!

  • Defying gravity Tri-Axial Tourbillon in white gold

    Girard-Perregaux, an uncontested point of reference in the production of tourbillon watches, introduces a white gold version of its Tri-Axial Tourbillon. A spectacular watchmaking mechanism designed to maximise timekeeping precision by eliminating the effect of gravity on the regulating organ of the watch. 
    Although the tourbillon was introduced more than two hundred years ago, watchmakers still trying to improve its efficiency.  Girard-Perregaux, a great historical specialist in this queen of complications intended to combat the negative effect of gravity, now increases its complexity and pushes the limits of innovation. The Haute Horlogerie Manufacture has developed a tourbillon with a regulating organ that rotates on three axes instead of the traditional single axis. 

  • Ara Collection

    The story begins with two brothers and a small jeweler’s bench in Bodrum, Turkey. Back then, neither could have imaged that their unique designs would captivate so many. Nearly two decades later Ara Collection is known worldwide for its handcrafted 24 karat gold jewelry.
    In 2002 Ara Collection expanded to the US, opening their first retail store in Santa Barbara, California. Over the next few years Ara continued to grow. The collection now graces over 200 jewelery stores nationwide, as well as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.
    Ara Collection takes pride in its quality and workmanship. Each piece is created by hand in a small workshop in Turkey. Inspiration for the collection comes from the rich history of ancient Anatolian Civilizations and the beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea.

  • Turkey's and world Jewellery Industry will meet at ''Rotaforte Istanbul Jewelry Show''

    Turkey's and world Jewellery Industry will meet at ''Rotaforte Istanbul Jewelry Show'' between 12-15 March 2015
    Each year exhibitors and visitors numbers are increasing and for the next show they will be expected more than 20.000 professional visitors. 
    It is a absolute ''must'' for jewellery companies to participate at Istanbul Jewelry Show, already they are producing  zealously and enthusiastic new designs for the coming show in March 2015.
    Also worlds leading jewelry brands can not miss this international platform, here they are collobarate new networks and agreements with Asia, Russia, Africa and Turkic Republics. 

  • 2014-2015 Fall-Winter Jewelry Trends

    Hi all, 
    This summer we have renovated our Jewelry portal and all of us were focused in this topic. I hope you appreciate in :))
    Therefore sorry but I did not do a very detailed research for this article, I'd like to share the general informations from 2015 fashion shows. For 2014-2015 Fall/Winter you have to fill your wardrobe with a little fur, dark burgundy, electric blue , cool mint, and lavender colors, but be sure 2015 favorite fashion trend color will be aqua-blue.
    First of all, the most important jewelry trend in 2015 are BRACELETS, big, flashly with showy stones!  2015 Ring desigs are so big and huge, they are covered your half hand :))
    Chanel Fashion House has as usual presented her universal suits for 2015 , and they are not combined with the classic, pearl necklaces.. no... now you will see that 2015 jewelry designs are much different and big sized pearls. Great designs :))

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  • Color and trend tips for 2014

    If you remember 2013 was the year of   scotch plaid. Everywhere was full of it. The recent notes come from the runways show that will not change in 2014. That’s why we will see lots of red, blue and green plaids on the shop windows

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