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5362 Redesigns Their Portal announced today that they redesigned their portal just a month ago. This company is dedicated to providing the newest online platform wherein the latest trends of luxury and fashion are both determined & shared all throughout the world. is always dedicated to providing the public the freshest stories and facts about fashion. This site covers a wide range of topics that include clothing, jewelry, and the latest events that are associated with fashion. aims to make everyone aware of what is in and out when it comes to fashion. was created in Turkish and that was achieved by sustaining the success of, the beginning point of their online internet consulting service that is included in the services provided by Somut Media Internet Ltd that was obtained with This website is also associated with two other websites such as the and the aimed to assist the firms that come to head their respective sector through taking place on the successful works while they pursues to present innovative leading brands on their websites wherein each of them is a niche organization.
Their website was designed towards creating and offering trade opportunities which are not just from B2B but from B2C. The individual visitors might leave their suggestions or comments regarding their and their respective services or products. The visitors of their website can also exchange their respective opinions concerning the trends in the fashion world, by using their Forum Section. Those companies that complete their membership works are release a comprehensive writing that introduce them, including the products or services they offer. These also include all their communication information with their logo and they would be able to boost their brand awareness by using the product visuals which can be modified anytime. also said that their participants, while they are registered as membership have the ability to publish their respective bulletins that they would prepare regarding their company and their services or products on their site without extra fees to be paid. can summarize the content of their website as lifestyle, travel, luxury consumption and high technology materials. The subjects were detailed coming with subtitles that are associated with the main titles that were previously mentioned. As their portal was redesigned, memberships are assured to find using the website of much easier than before.
thetrendandstyle.comis a website that talks about fashion and luxury. This website is a membership site participated by some of the famous and reputable brands and companies that offer different types of products.
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