• Malaysia International Jewellery Fair 2015

    Spring Edition 2015 (MIJF SE 2015) will again blossoms the Spring season with glitz sensations. 
    Feast your eyes on fabulous jewelleries, from shimmering diamonds to dreamy gemstones, by gathering the world’s most elite traders, connoisseurs and quality 
    buyers alike from the industry at the centre of Kuala Lumpur Town. MIJF SE 2015 is designed to give local and international trade buyers a buying opportunity 
    for the Spring celebration.
    Visit and garner the privileges of Malaysian tax free policy when you purchase worldwide haute jewellery collections at MIJF SE 2015. Enjoy ZERO burdens from 
    tax charges and unleash your shopping spree for the finest jewellery collections in Malaysia International Jewellery Fair- Spring Edition 2015
    Mark your schedule, MIJF SE 2015 is ready to present you a dazzling jewelry event!

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