• Baselword

    Beauty knows no bounds
    The wonderful variety of pearls, gemstones and diamonds exhibited at Baselworld this year reflects the creativity of a highly tradition-oriented and aesthetically-focused sector. The people who purchase these beautiful and high-end products at the end of a sophisticated process hail from all over the world. 
    The same is true for the public and visitors to Baselworld, who come from all four corners of the globe.
    No journey is too long or too complicated because they want to see and experience Baselworld with their own eyes. 
    Baselworld at a glance:
    150,000 visitors from 100 countries
    1,500 exhibitors from 40 countries
    4,000 journalists from 70 countries
    141,000 m2 exhibition area
    That’s why a visit to Baselworld is particularly worthwhile:
    - In Basel, you are visiting the world's biggest and most important event for the watch and jewellery industry.
    - Baselworld offers you a unique overview of everything that the industry has to offer globally.
    - It is here that you can see the new collections, creations and innovations of the year: trends are set at Baselworld.
    - The world's most renowned brands showcase their collections exclusively at Baselworld and do not attend any other shows.
    - Baselworld offers you the rare opportunity to speak to the CEOs and owners of the brands in person.
    - Take part in the sector's main networking event. All the key players from the watch and jewellery industries meet up just once a year: in Basel, each spring!

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