• 24th Malaysia International Jewellery Festival

    Strong participation of different country
    Malaysia International Jewellery Festival is a locally and international jewellery business platform for every jewellery lovers. Over 160 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions, featuring diverse brands including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japon, Dubai, Cambodia, Italy, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia and etc. presented the sparkly collection in MIJ15 (SE).
    Fine Jewellery,Jade, Diamonds,Gemstones, Watch & Clock, Pearls, Equipment &  Accessories and Others
    It's your perfect time for tracking thousands of new and latest trend of jewelries in MIJ15 and it is the best venue to shop and buy your jewelries. 

    Tags : Fine Jewellery, Jade , Diamonds , Gemstones, Watch , Clock, Pearls, Equipment , Accessories
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