Color and trend tips for 2014

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Pyjamas are in our daily life…
It is certain that silk pyjamas inspire the fashion designers because in 2014 silk trouser suits will become fashionable. Silk pyjamas that every woman likes to wear at home will be the part of our daily lives. These silk suits that I personally find very sexy can be worn at business meetings or fancy dinners if you are tall.
Metallic reflection…
Coats, shoes, tight metallic bandaged dresses…
In the year 2014 you really should have metallic color dresses in your wardrobe. They will be extra trendy this year.
Everybody remembers the grunge style of the nineties. Even it is not my favourite style prepare yourselves to see this style very often this year.
allahım :(((
Flowers prints…
Flower printed fabrics are trendy in 2014. Not only in summer but also in winter season designers use variety of flower prints. To deny the bleak days of winter and live more summer days you can have some flower printed dresses in your wardrobe. Big or small flower prints on your trousers, skirts or jackets reflect your syle in the best way.
I like to give some information about the color trends for the spring/summer season of 2014.
This year consumers will focus on the emotional and artistic balance and create a lively and also romantic shades. The color scale of 2014 reminds us how fun is to wear the most bright and saturated colors. Designers will reunite the consumers with the sensual, calm and transparent theme with the blazing colors. After all there are no rigths or wrongs in our everyday lives, aren’t there?

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